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Our Story

We are here for you and yours.

We exist for the purpose of serving those with emotional or mental challenges, those desiring to learn a different way to see life, or groups wanting to build opportunities for growth. Our mission is to bring hope, courage, and faith to the lives of individuals, families, and groups.

Making a difference

Mental illness is far more prevalent than many realize. With one in four adults struggling with mental illness each year, there's no doubt that there are people in our churches who desperately need love and support. Unfortunately, the church hasn't always done a great job of ministering to those affected by mental illness—either their own or a loved one's illness. But it doesn't have to be that way.  We can't afford to ignore mental illness. Mental illness is so common, it affects nearly everyone. And responding to suffering of all kinds is part of the work we are called to do. As people called to spread love and hope, we must step out and offer what only the people of God can offer.

Board of Directors

Daniel Ball, Chairman: Daniel is the Town Marshal in the Town of Winfield, Indiana. Daniel has been in public service for over 33 years, with over 14 years of supervisory positions. Daniel has his master’s degree in public safety administration from Calumet College of Saint Joseph, attended the prestigious School of Police Staff & Command at Northwestern University, and hold multiple public safety certifications. (Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Instructor, Taser Instructor, Field Training Supervisor, School Safety Specialist, Community Policing Expert, Recruitment Officer, D.A.R.E. Instructor, and Crime Prevention Analyst.) Daniel has served on the NHCC Board of Directors, with distinction, as the Treasurer since the inception of the 501c3.I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

Andrew Birky, Treasurer:  Andrew is an aerospace engineer with Rolls Royce in Indianapolis, Indiana. He previously lived and worked in Houston, Texas after graduating from Purdue University. Andrew became attracted to serving New Hope Christian Counseling due to his previous relationship with Executive Director, Pamela Stover and her husband, Rev. Alan Stover. Rev. Stover was the Senior pastor at Andrew’s childhood church where Andrew’s family still attends. Andrew also identifies with the mission of NHCC to bring hope, courage, and faith to people’s lives. Andrew’s career goal is to provide value added time and energy for any company he is involved with.

Dana Page, Secretary: Dana is the Senior Director of Marketing with WorldStrides Educational Student Travel, and has her BBA in Marketing from Texas A&M, and MS in Product Development from Iowa State University. Dana is a customer-centric, data-driven, analytical professional with the proven ability to lead ground-up initiatives and drives positive growth while coordinating multiple stakeholders and fostering relationships. Dana was attracted to New Hope Christian Counseling by seeing the impact extending beyond individuals encountering NHCC care and into the world. Dana wants to be an advocate for this endeavor.

Allison Reijmer: Allison is a client executive with Anthem, Inc., has her BA in Social Policy from Michigan State and her MA in Public Policy from Northwestern. Allison has 12 years in healthcare advocating for consumer understanding of and access to quality preventive, diagnostic, and curative care. Allison was a board member of Girls in the Game in Chicago, Ill. Allison became attracted to serving New Hope Christian Counseling due to her experience and the support she has received from Christ-centered counseling.

Matthew "Mac" McLauchlin: Matthew (Mac) is the CEO and Director of Global Operations which provides international government and corporate advice. Mac is on the board of International Communications Corporation Network, Inc. Mac has his BS in Political Science/International Affairs with a concentration in Japanese studies from the University of Michigan, a BA in Psychology/Human Development with a concentration in Cognitive Neuropsychology/Counseling from Eckerd College, an MBA in Global Management/Leadership from the University of Phoenix, and currently working on his DBA in Strategic Leadership and Crisis Management at International School of Management. Mac lives with his wife and two daughters in North Carolina. Mac’s became attracted to New Hope Christian Counseling because of his knowledge and understanding need for quality Christian-based mental health resources, especially in the era of COVID. Mac sees the opportunity to assist, in even a small way, to help bring quality counseling resources to the community is what attracts me to New Hope Christian Counseling.


Pamela V. Stover, RN, LCSW, CTP-C, Executive Director

Pamela is responsible for the day-to-day functions of New Hope Christian Counseling. Pamela’s education, knowledge, and dedication greatly influence her personal mission to enrich the lives of individuals and families. Her rich professional experiences, from Nursing, to business, to social work. make her uniquely gifted to serve in her capacity as a clinician and executive director of this agency, 

Therapy Staff

Pamela V. Stover, RN, LCSW, CTP-C, is a certified trauma specialist, a certified EMDR practitioner, a Prepare/Enrich certified facilitator and a certified Tele-Mental Health clinician. She is the founder/executive director/practitioner at New Hope Christian Counseling. She is uniquely gifted to lead organization and to guide people to a higher quality of living through Christian counseling. She is licensed to provide services to people living in Indiana, Michigan, Texas and Virginia. Pamela has been married for 41+ years to her high school sweetheart, is mother of two grown daughters, a mother-in-law, a grandmother, a pastor's wife, and a faithful follower of Christ.

Spiritual Support

Rev. Alan Stover, MBA, MMin. provides New Hope Christian Counseling with spiritual support to staff and to clients. Rev. Stover a retired senior pastor, ordained with the Missionary Church USA and the Evangelical Free Church. Rev. Stover is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Cowboys and Interim Pastor Ministry.


We offer face-to-face sessions the Crawfordsville, Indiana area for those who prefer in person sessions for the sense of connection it  may give. Some people like the office environment and the act of setting aside a time and place for therapy.

Telemental Health

We offer Tele-mental Health for clients who live in Indiana, Michigan, Texas, and Virginia, clients who have a lack of direct access, who live in rural/underserved areas where there may be limited transportation,  who have disabilities, social anxiety or phobias, who have a long-term illness and can't leave the home, or those who do not have childcare. Some clients need more than talking to express what they are thinking and feeling. By using certain forms of online therapy, clients can write, talk with or without video, communicate in real-time or asynchronously, and even send pictures.  A combination of these mediums can be used at any time.

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